#Festive500 Day 6/Full Gas Track League

I hit the boards today for the Full Gas Winter Track League, special events night. Although I’m not sure that it is strictly within the rules of the #festive500 I couldn’t bare to miss some track time and what is always a great event.


The evening comprised of 3 events for myself ( Scratch, Reverse win out and Points) alongside madison, A/B endurance and sprinters events. Initially the scratch was a bit of a shock to the system after road miles all week but I soon got into the groove of things!


Above is a photo of myself eating a ham sandwich and Ephraim ignoring the ongoing race…

It was great to see my extended cycling family again and wish them all a Happy New Years!


Thank you Corinne, Ephraim and the SES Sprinters for keeping me company!

View my ride here: #Festive500day6/FullGas Track League


308 km down km 192 km to go…

or if you think riding around a track actually counts….

345 to go down 155 km to go 🙂

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Strava:Keira McVitty